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Halo Microelectronics

Halo Microelectronics started operation in 2012. Halo Micro focuses on the definition, design and commercialization of high performance analog and mixed-signal integrated circuit (IC) products.
With deep industry experience and unique IPs on the design and manufacturing process technologies, Halo Micro offers state-of-the-art products in their respective application field, featuring best-in-class dynamic response, high efficiency, low heat generation, low EMI and small form factor solutions that rival the best of the industry..
Product Portfolio
Halo Micro's products are used mainly in two main applications: consumer electronics and automobile electronics.
In consumer electronics, Halo Micro products are used for battery and power management of portable products, including cellular phones, tablet computers, laptop computers, power banks, MID, MiFi, SSD and other Li-Ion battery powered devices. Halo Micro's offerings include Li-ion battery fast charging management IC, cap divider, wireless charger, fuel gauge, high performance buck and boost converters, low-rdson load switch with system reset, LCD/AMOLED panel backlight and bias generation, etc.
In automobile electronics, Halo Micro offers automotive grade discrete and integrated power management ICs that convert car battery voltage to various supply rails used for infotainment systems, displays, sensors and other on-board devices. Products include high-voltage down converters for general purpose power rail, low-voltage point-of-load converters to power CPU, GPU, memory and other demanding applications, as well as highly customized PMICs that provide multiple output rails, multiple functionalities and highly programmable controls with maximum design flexibility and integration level.
Halo Micro customers include brand-name smart-phone makers, independent design houses (IDH), tablet and laptop makers, tier-1 auto-infotainment module makers and EMS manufacturers, etc. Halo Micro offers its products through direct supply or distribution channels.