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     SPECTIMBRE technique
     We creatively apply machine learning methodologies to speech and audio signal processing. This practice not only  brings new features for speech processing, but also inspires novel and elegant solutions to those most challenging  and longstanding technique difficulties in this field, to name a few, nonlinear acoustic echo cancellation,
wind noise suppression, and dereverberation.
     SPECTIMBRE products
     We provide speech and audio signal processing related software solutions and services. Our solutions are highly flexible  and scalable. They are designed to be applicable to a wide range of application scenarios and hardware platforms. Our standard solution packages cover most aspects of speech processing, e.g., acoustic echo cancellation and suppression,  noise suppression and speech enhancement, beamforming and blind source separation, dynamic range compression and adaptive gain control. We also provide customized solutions and features based on what are needed and required,e.g., sound source localization and classification, solutions with extremely tiny footprints. 

    Practical application products: Xiaomi 8, Xiaomi CC9, Meizu 16 series and other popular domestic models.